Very simple Yupana templates, for collaborative online calculations

How practically would we use a Yupana, online, with several participants / players / learners ?

There is at least one very simple solution : use the Cloud and its free native collaborative tools (shared documents / chat / video conferencing).

I've tried with Google most simple tools : it works fine and it's easy.




Those templates won't calculate by themselves ...  :-)  ... The aim is to practice calculations by ancient methods (more or less imaginary ?) not to have them done by a strange virtual abacus

You'll find those templates, and maybe others, in the template gallery :  [this no longer exists... the template gallery is a feature that google removed in 2016; instead, you'll be redirected to my shared drive]

For a brief simulation of online use with 3 participants, see :

To see various ways of using a Yupana, take a look at the playlist : A10 - Yupana - big multiplications made simple - with one yupana - without knowledge of multiplication tables

Or search youtube for  "yupana multiplications" and select Yupana 3, Yupana 2, Yupana 1 or Yupana Chirinos.  (Yupana 4 shows a division and uses another template).

You'll also find lots of videos showing simpler ways to use a Yupana (for additions made by young children).

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  1. thank you for your curiosity(s), -- youtube included, especially-- here's a similar cataloguing: