Complete digitalized facsimile of Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala’s Nueva corónica y buen gobierno (New Chronicle and Good Government)

See the facsimile on the Guaman Poma Website of the Royal Library of Denmark.
[comments available in english and spanish]

The original manuscript was digitalized around the year 2000, in true colors (various shades of black to brown ink). [ so ... the colorful reproductions that we see here and there on the internet are not taken from the original manuscript ]

Each of the ~1200 pages, including 398 full-page drawings, can be examined closely, and downloaded, as a fine definition image. (click on the button "Larger Image")

The website also links to a wealth of digital resources related to Guaman Poma and his time.

We can read [] that before 2000, the manuscript already had a "history" (that is not considered to have excessively reduced its readibility) :

  • repeated additions of set of pages (by the author, to a work in progress ?)
  • possible acquisition in Spain around 1655
  • traces of distinct binding operations, one probably dating back to the 17th century that introduced errors in the sequence of quires
  • earliest traces of the manuscript's appearance in the Royal Library of Denmark : 1729 ;
  • first recorded appearance in the Royal Library : 1784-1786
  • third binding and leather cover : around 1850
  • "rediscovery" in the library in 1908
  • 1908 to 1923 : manuscript is lent to another university and studied for preparing a transcription
  • 1923 to 1927 : manuscript is lent to a museum, then to another university, for finishing the transcription work
  • 1927 : manuscript is back to the Royal Library and undergoes a restauration including the reordering of several quires, the reinforcing of some pages
  • 1930 to 1936 : first facsimile project ; photographs in black and white taken in the Royal Library and later retouched to enhance readibility [ rarely with erroneous interpretations ;  fortunately, this old facsimile is not the one presented on the Guaman Poma Website ; and it is not said that errors of the same type entered the recent facsimile (...)]

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